Realmec Stampi e attrezzature
meccaniche di precisione


Along with transfer dies, Realmec provides all the necessary automations, which can be installed on the customer’s production lines.

personale qualificato Professional staff

capacità produttiva High production capacity

parco macchine Wide range of machinery

due turni 2 shifts/day for faster output

soluzioni su misura Customized production


Realmec customers belong to heterogeneous sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Household appliances
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mechanics

Production machinery for the manufacturing of:

  • Step by step dies
  • Transfer dies
  • Deep-drawing dies

  • FTP 3 axis milling machine 2500X1200X1200mm
  • Aerre 3-axis xed-bed type milling machine 2300x790x700mm
  • Aerre 3-axis milling machine with cross working table 1600x590x700mm n°2
  • SUMO 3-axis milling machine 1600x650x500mm
  • Mitsubishi Wire cutting EDM 700x500x350mm
  • Mitsubishi Wire cutting EDM 600x400x425mm
  • Sinker EDM
  • Delta Cnc grinding machine 2000x1000mm
  • Delta Cnc grinding machine 1300x600mm
  • Favretto grinding machine 700x300mm
  • Comev Cnc lathe
  • Tryout press 135 tons

Possibility of tools setting on transfer presses up to 1200 tons




Since 1969 designs and manufactures cutting, bending and deep-drawing dies, step by step and transfer tools for cold stamping of metal coils.
Thanks to the group facilities it’s possible to tryout the dies, manufacture pre series or production batches

Along with transfer dies, Realmec provides all the necessary automations, which can be installed on the customer's production lines.

Tools and dies for aluminum sheets, steel, copper, high-strength steel. Expertise in engineering services and design and costruction of special equipment and machines for testing or assemblies.

Design and quality

The technical office guarantees a fast design in collaboration with the customer to satisfy the request of industrialization.
The design is realized thanks to the aid of 2 workstations with 3D software CAD Catia® complete of CAM.


customer care

The customer service is available for every requirement. We o er each customer support by dedicated, professional and dynamic staff.
We provide effciency, reliability and real-time communications.

customer care


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